Why sell with Naomi?

Naomi’s skills in selling properties exceed expectations. Naomi is known for selling her clients’ properties quickly and at maximum market value. Putting to use her architectural degree from Harvard University, Naomi addresses the challenges of selling a home step by step.

Naomi knows how to make a property appealing to the vast majority of potential buyers; she stages the seller’s home and provides potential buyers with specific designs, explanations, and, if necessary, even architectural plans of re-design that fit the buyer’s specific needs and tastes, in order to have the buyer realize the value of the seller’s home. By doing so, Naomi increases the number of interested buyers, who are willing to pay top dollar for your property. She has access to a vast international network of people looking to relocate.

Having an MBA degree, Naomi has keen knowledge of marketing and finance. She succeeds in exposing her listed properties, to attract the most serious buyers, and show them the value of your home.

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Naomi Zygiel-Almozlino offers the real estate investor/buyer/seller an outstanding level of comprehensive service. She is one of a few real estate professionals with extensive expertise not only in sales, but also in architecture, design, construction ,finance along with marketing expertise. Architecture School at Harvard University brought Naomi to Newton from Israel, where she resides with her family. Naomi has extensive experience in Metro-Boston and surrounding communities. Whether you wish to list your home or purchase a new one, Naomi can assist you with all of your real estate needs.











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