Relocating to a new community is a complex process that involves a multitude of choices, including where you ultimately decide to purchase your new home. Before making that final decision, exploring your options is crucial to identifying your next community. Naomi has successfully assisted numerous clients in relocating to the Metro-Boston area by educating them about the various communities and the buying process in MA. She will tour with you until you find the perfect fit for you throughout the Metro-Boston area and provide you the best overview during your visit. In addition to her market expertise, she will assist in the evaluation process before and during the transaction.

Please contact Naomi to discuss your upcoming relocation and her step-by-step guide to a smooth and seamless move!



Naomi Zygiel-Almozlino offers the real estate investor/buyer/seller an outstanding level of comprehensive service. She is one of a few real estate professionals with extensive expertise not only in sales, but also in architecture, design, construction ,finance along with marketing expertise. Architecture School at Harvard University brought Naomi to Newton from Israel, where she resides with her family. Naomi has extensive experience in Metro-Boston and surrounding communities. Whether you wish to list your home or purchase a new one, Naomi can assist you with all of your real estate needs.










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